Monday, May 7, 2012

finally updated after a year or longer!!!

WELP! heres what ive been upto since I graduated last year upto this point... I have recently gone to college taking N.A.V.I.T. Welding (Northland Pioneer College) for a semester, then I while attending for that semster I was working on filling out my mission papers. the next semester I stayed home working While doing all the nescessary things to get my mission papers completed to send in. Since then I have been attending singles ward, going to institute, activities, working, hauling a ton of firewood for my parents for 2 years since I will be leaving on my mission, (its now atleast a 4-5 year supply of firewood) people say I remind them of a blue collar haha! I just love being outdoors and working hard at what I love doing best, Its one of my favorite hobbies. well not much people know I have a girlfriend but I now will let everyone in the family know about her. Her Name is Sandra spencer, She lives in Bluewater New Mexico.. which is 20 minutes west of Grants New Mexico. We have been together since last July and She is willing to wait for me to get off my mission, but wants me to go and Do the Lords work. she is very pretty, active in the Church. In ways She reminds me of Randi. :) ha! anywho that cats out of the bag now. For pictures of her you can look on my facebook page I also first met her on facebook through Cody and Cory Robberts (her cousins') friends list. Ill try to post some on here soon from when I went to meet her back in september and when she came up for Thanksgiving. well its been more than one year of me being accident free!! haha! It almost does away with my nick name... almost. I am getting very anxious of waiting to see where I now get called to go on my mission. After about 2months of waiting thinking the papers have been sent in they werent. but last Sunday I found out why and now they have OFfICIALLY been sent in last week so I'm just waiting now to receive my call in the mail. and sorry it took so long to update this blog but I will try to update it more often. see ya'll when ya get here for the fourth of july!   

Saturday, January 8, 2011

eagle project- Eagar Arizona Seminary flagpole

pictures of the project in motion and the finished product at the end.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Really Fun N.A.V.I.T. Class


JohnDeere Gannon

heres a few pictures from my N.A.V.I.T. class I took My last 2 years in High school.... untill I graduated on May 26, 2011.
Komatzu Dozer
Cat Backhoe
Steelwheel Roller

Small Skidsteer(bobcat)
Dump truck
Water truck

heres the Case loader again in action..... it looks so much fun doesnt it?!

Case Gannon

THEY'RE ALL REALLY FUN TO DRIVE!!!!....... once you know how they all work.